Microsoft HoloLens VR headset details emerge

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A $3,000 development edition of the HoloLens is expected to become available sometime in the first quarter of this year. The winning proposal will be turned into a real app by Microsoft's HoloLens development team and released as an open source project so that other app creators can learn from it.

At a nighttime gathering in Israel, during his presentation to a small audience, Harris explained that the HoloLens can be considered a fully functional Windows 10 PC, only one that is wearable like a set of goggles. According to Harris, Microsoft calls this "mixed reality".

"Hazards include pools of lava on the floor that you must avoid, spinning blades that you must duck under, and switch-activated poison darts that you must dodge", says Microsoft's official description.

It has also been revealed that the field of view of the headset will only be 15 inches and it will appear as though you are viewing from a couple of feet of away.

He noted that the battery life of the device will of course depend on the usage and that running it in full capacity would most likely use up all the battery reserves within 2.5 hours.


Harris also confirmed that HoloLens is "totally wireless" and can connect to any Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled device.

Details of battery life and connectivity revealed about HoloLens, Microsoft's entry into the virtual reality market.

Very complex holographic renderings could also conceivably overwhelm the device's capabilities, he said.

Microsoft HoloLens will have a more limited field of view compared with some current virtual reality gadgets. The space provides first-hand demos of the technology for developers who register online for appointments.