PlayStation VR leak may have just revealed United Kingdom price and launch date

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Sony looks to have a strong start in the virtual reality (VR) market due to a cheaper VR unit and significantly large potential users, according to Forbes.

We have some fresh rumors to share with you now regarding the highly anticipated Playstation VR Price and release date in the UK.

If we believe a recent report from a Swiss site, gamingbolt, the PlayStation's VR headset should be available by the June this year. Screenshots of each listing were taken and posted into a NeoGAF thread.

If these prices are correct, the PlayStation VR will be less expensive than its competitor, the Oculus Rift, which will retail for $599.

HTC Squashes Rumor About Standalone VR Company

The Oculus Rift was recently confirmed to start at $600, and that's without taking into account shipping and local taxes and import duty.

We're still waiting on word of the cost of the next VR system, the HTC Vive, and the third major product - the PlayStation VR - is also set for 2016.