He was always up for a good time and knew how to enjoy life

I am alleged to have killed my girlfriend’s parents because she claimed her mother had sexually abused her and had taken nude photographs of her which she showed to friends. Whether my girlfriend’s mother did in fact abuse her is as much in dispute as my supposed guilt as the murderer. I claim I merely covered up the crime after the fact.

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John attended college at Polk Community for a while and eventually went to work for Marriott where he met and became friends with some great people. He worked with Marriott for many years and was a good friend to many. He was always up for a good time and knew how to enjoy life.

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Back in 1987 the rock band Bon Jovi was top of the pops and the world’s third largest firm by value was Tokyo Electric Power, aka Tepco, a utility in Japan that few outside that country had heard of. Today Bon Jovi still is churning out No. 1 albums, but Tepco’s value has fallen by 90 per cent and it is teetering on bankruptcy.

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